No. 5, Fall 2016


  • Description

    Fiction from Sean Devlin, Richard Lakin and Jahla Seppenan; poetry from Anne Rouse, Penny Newell and Tom Tracey; nonfiction from Dan Branch; and reviews from Matthew Tett. Illustrations from Sophie Chatham, Jack Coles and Rhiannon Parnis.

    For our Behind the Desk interview, fiction editor, Rebecca Lawn, spoke with Eluned Gramich, a Welsh writer and translator living in Germany. Gramich won the People and Places: New Welsh Writing Award for her memoir Woman Who Brings the Rain (New Welsh Rarebyte), based on her experiences of Hokkaido, Japan. Eluned is the translator of the German short story collection, Goldfish Memory (Parthian), by author Monique Schwitter.

    The cover of Issue 5 features a piece by Derek Overfield. "Derek Overfield's work is influenced by the classically monumental, the archaic and modern, the divine and brutal."

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    The Cardiff Review is 8.3 in x 5.8 in and printed on 100gsm Munken Polar Rough, with the cover printed on 170gsm Munken Polar Rough.


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